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    Default Re: To those struggling with a catnapper.

    I disagree. DS was a catnapper and i refused to 'just go with it' as he very clearly needed more sleep. I think if they're bright eyed and bushy tailed on catnaps, then that's probably just in their nature and there's nothing you can do, but if they need more sleep you can teach/help them. I used Jo Ryan's babybliss technique and it worked a charm (although it took a lot of work)

    I get a bit stabby when people say 'just go with a catnapper' I started a thread about it the other week.

    It's totally possible to learn to sleep better, if you're not sleeping well. I'm a pretty terrible sleeper myself, but i know if I stick to regular bedtimes, don't sleep too much, and use relaxation techniques I get much better sleep.

    ETA that article is from a pro CIO website. So... I'll be taking that article with a grain of salt.
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    Default To those struggling with a catnapper.

    ^^agree. DS was a catnapper and he was happy(ish) on his 40 minute sleeps. He grew out of it at 7 months. DD wakes at 20 or 40 minutes and screams until she goes to sleep again. Also if she catnaps she gets pretty overtired and can take hours and hours to get back to sleep. Makes for a miserable day for everyone.

    What is really hard though is spending the time resettling them when you have a toddler to entertain. But if I don't resettle (mostly in vain anyway) I have a screaming baby and can't entertain DS either

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mom2TwoDSs View Post
    I read varying information. I do believe you can change a catnapper to becoming a good napper as some books say (eg Elizabeth Pantley's No cry sleep solution). It mentions if you can resettle the baby to get longer sleep, gradually the baby can adjust to nap longer. And definitely engaging professional help if we really see the need can help most babies, but it must involve a lot of heart-wrenching crying. I already feel like a mean mum standing by the cot patting and ssshhing while my baby is crying to sleep for 10 minutes, I cannot imagine more crying than that and done by a stranger. I think I will cry.

    Yet I also believe some babies' sleep pattern is just like that - catnapping. We can try trial and error here and there but ultimately we must decide where our comfort level is and when to stop. And yes remembering to enjoy our baby is most important.

    My DS1 was a catnapper but DS2 naps very well. I am not sure what I have done differently but this round I think being educated much more about babies' sleep pattern, routine, watching for tired signs etc etc makes a difference to how I help him. However my two sons are still just two unique individuals so there is not much conclusion!

    shelleyq, may I ask how old was your baby when you got the professional?
    Hi again,
    My girl was almost 5 months when we used Elaine Harvey from Lullababy SOS (she hails from the gold coast in Qld). We had really struggled for nearly a month of sleeplessness with her up until then. Even her grandparents cant believe the change in her amount of sleeping.

    And as for the amount of crying - I was already dealing with her crying for up to an hour and half IN MY ARMS rocking her to sleep and when Elaine came she had her asleep in the cot within 20 mins. It was sooooo much less than I expected. Over the next 5 days it varied from 10 mins to 90 mins but by day 7 she was settling herself with very minimal objection and having longer sleeps because of it. It was worth the little bit of extra anguish because I knew what the result would mean for her and for us.

    She is now nearly 6 months and sleeping nearly 12 hours a night (with one feed at 4-5am) and has either 2 longer day sleeps or sometimes 3 shorter sleeps.

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    Really heartwrenching to hear and see them cry. So I watch the clock a lot. It helped with the stress. Cos one minute of crying can seem so long!

    Great that your precious DD is now sleeping so well.

    Do agree that it can be trained.


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