Hello to all,

Im new to all of this so please be kind or point me in the right direction if I am lost.

I have an amazing 13 month old boy who has always been a fantastic sleeper. He usually sleeps 1 1/2 hours in the morning and another 1-2 hours in the afternoon along with a great sleep durring the night usually 7pm to 7am. However along with great sleeping he has developed a flat spot on his head. From an early age we went to get a second opinion from our GP, pediatrician physio, and health care nurse and all said the repositioning would be best. We did this and did start to notice a difference but begane to disrupt his sleeping patterns. He would wake every time some one would touch him so we had to stop repositioning. We thought it was getting better as he started to get older and start to move around a lot more. Durring his awake times he doesn't spend anytime on his head as he is nearly walking so is always on the move. When he sleeps he moves around. ALOT. Most of the time we check him he is on his stomach or on his side resting on his cheek, but dont know about all through the night. We are still concerned about his flat spot and are out of ideas. By the sounds of it we have missed the gap to use a helmet. We know that it is purely cosmetic but would still like to try and correct it it possible.

If any one has any tips or tricks to help out that would be awesome. Thanks heaps everyone.