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    Default Identifying reflux in baby

    What symptoms did you first notice to help identify your baby's reflux and at what age (also how long did you observe the symptoms before you sought medical advice)?

    My first child had reflux and after being on mylanta and losec we finally found that nexium worked for him, but he used to vomit and scream so it was relatively easy to identify and I think from memory it was picked up around the 4-5 week mark.

    I now have another child who is almost 5 weeks old and im wondering if he has silent reflux (although it's probably to early to say). He doesn't vomit, but does make a sound like he's going to, he gets the hiccups a lot, doesn't particularly like being laid down after a feed (but being in your arms doesn't always settle him either), has started screaming halfway through a feed (I thought this may be because i dont have anough milk, but hes gaining weight and i can express for top ups) so perhaps that's not the case, he screams like he's in pain but is difficult to settle.

    There are a few other little things he does which make me wonder if it could be reflux, but then I think perhaps I'm looking for an issue and in reality it's just normal baby unsettledness. Would love to hear how others spotted the symptoms and how long they left it before seeking medical advice

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    Default Identifying reflux in baby

    My DD2 had terrible reflux- she literally screamed 6 hrs a day EVERY day until she was 4 months old. She was on Zantac at a month old, Losec at 6 weeks, both by 2 months old, and it wasn't until I cut all dairy and soy out of my diet, and the doses of her medications were dramatically increased at 4 months old, that we finally had it under control.
    At about 3 months old, she was losing weight, refusing to feed and pooing vile green poo filled with blood and mucous.
    When DS was born, I was hoping to go down a different path, but we took him home from hospital and he screamed for 48 hrs straight so he was put on reflux medications at 8 days old.
    He had he same symptoms as my DD- only happy if upright, back arching, hiccoughs all the time, etc, so we were fairly certain reflux was the issue.
    Mother's instinct is pretty spot on- if you suspect a problem, get it checked out. In the meantime you could try some mylanta (off the shelf in the supermarket) 1.5-2 ml half an hour before a feed to see if it helps. If it does, reflux could well be the cause of your bub's unsettledness.

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    Default Identifying reflux in baby

    Although my daughter spewed all the time I never twigged she had reflux. Our main problem was wind, her belly seemed to generate it. I would burp her put her to bed then 20 minutes later she would wake up screaming, I'd pick her up and she'd burp.

    After trying every type of bottle and formula I finally asked a pead at 3 months and he said reflux, that the wind was being caused by the milk churning up and down. I tried losec but as it only neutralises the stomach acid, not stops the churning, it didn't help. Only thing that did was keeping her upright. My DD had many a sleep on mummy.


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