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    Default Slow letdown at night

    DD is 7 months old and exclusively bf since 3 months. Recently I've noticed during her night feed (anywhere between 12 midnight - 5am) my letdown reflex is a lot slower. She is getting frustrated and so am I (but trying not to stress). Is this a weaning thing? It even happens when her last feed is 6pm and she's gone through to 5am and my boobs are explodingly full and she's sucking like crazy. What can I do to get it back to normal? The days are fine still.

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    I find my let down is slower when I wake up to feed her or if I'm tiered however if Im full then it'll happen quick. DD gets frustrated too and keeps unlatching which just makes the process longer. I massage my boob and squeeze some milk out and give her that at which point she calms down and starts sucking better.
    Id say try that or if you have a pump maybe pump for 30 sec or a minute before feeding her, to get things going...
    I also do some deep breathing when she gets frustrated it really works to the point that I can now control my let down most of the time.


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