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    Default Re: Really need some advice

    Me personally - I live on the opposite side of the world to my mother, andI thank my lucky stars she doesnt have access to my daughter as if she treated her even half as badly as she did me, dh would be jailed for murder. However, I live with my mother inlaw who, while lovely, drives us both competely batty. I think, if this is the way you feel, and under the circumstances, you'd be happier, safer and feel more secure near yours and thats got to be worth a fair bit.

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    Default Really need some advice

    Thanks for all your opinions. Voiced it to dp. He doesn't like the area, so I'm going to have to see what happens. I'm not happy so I'm thinking just having bit breather from his mums and staying at my mums!

    Last night I felt a seizure come on, then was so scared I had a panic attack! Dp had been drinking (which he is allowed too how am i supposed to know when im going to be ill but paro'd out couldn't stay awake!) I didn't know if I should of called ambulance or what!!! I have had about an hours sleep in two days! He says that area of town is bad? But seriously what area isn't now... Unless you can afford a million dollar home! I just want my mummy :'( I don't know if this will be the deal breaker I hope not


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