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Who hangs washing out at night anyway ? What a nut.
Um ... I do all of the time?

It's easier to get washing etc done at night when the kids are in bed (the washing machine actually lulls them to sleep!) and seeing as I am in Perth, the washing is usually dry by the morning. It also means that I can put it out on the line after the reticulation has gone off and get rid of the risk of it getting covered in bore water.

OP, her language, volume and obvious rudeness is not acceptable. Good on you for working hard to get out of there!

Our landlords are tight with their $$$ and seem to think we are idiots. I asked to have the gas burners fixed on the stovetop when we moved in as only one, the smallest, worked. The landlord's reply was "tell them they have to press down on them to get the gas flowing before attempting to light it". Well, duh! What needed fixing was the fact that the knobs didn't move at all! I've been cooking with gas for many years so I did know how to use it ... We are also not allowed to put anything up, including a stair gate at the top of the stairs as it would have to be screwed into the post due to the odd shape. Doesn't matter that there are puttied up holes from when they had one there for their kids and we could reuse them then putty them up and repaint when we leave. No, we just have to watch our baby carefully. Poor thing fell down the stairs today for the first time