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    My hubby got shown by the installer at the shop we bought it from. Basically said for an adult to kneel on it when tightening so its extra tight. Great tip as the amount of vom and wee's we've had on long journeys and had to pull it out on the side of the road to clean before carrying on.
    It's a bit like a portacot. Once you get the hang of it it's really easy

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    Default What is the law about installing car seats?

    Although I know how to install ours both rear facing and forward facing, I have always got it professionally done. I have seen sooo many car seats in friends cars who have installed it themselves and they THINK its correct but even I can see its not done right. Loose / not reclined properly (rear facing) etc.

    I won't risk it. I know I can't get it as 'stable' as a professional. But I don't change cars with hubby so never have to move the seat.

    I hate having to pay for it as I've had to pay 3 times (1st time, then when I got a new car and also when we changed DS to FF) and it was $30 each time.

    The sucky thing is even if I tried to do it, and asked someone to CHECK it, they would still charge me

    IMO if its law to have car seats, government should either fund it so parents are not out of pocket (to ensure correct fitting) OR they should make it law that professional fitters fit them for free.

    But I also realize its not practical for a lot of parents who change cars frequently. AND this is not an ideal world...


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