Hi ladies

Just wanting some advice as I'm confused (even after 2 ultrasounds a gyno and GP)

So i had an ultrasound last week to make sure i had no cysts in my ovaries etc. As i understand it came back with normal follicular activity.

A week later I had a gyno appointment and she also did an internal and indicated I had additional cysts in one ovary ( i was so gobsmacked by one ovary that i didn't listen for what was going on with the other) I had 14 ( i understand the cut off is 12) so gyno was mentioning PCOS although she said i couldnt' be diagnosed as such because i didn't have either of the 2 other symptoms, those being excessive facial hair or irregular or no periods (i have been very regular my whole life except around the wedding in oct when i skipped a period but the next one came pretty much on time (10 days after expected ovulation). the last period lasted 11 days with spotting about 5 days after ovulation so thus started this investigation process (negative preg BT) But i have had 2 blood tests just prior to my last 2 periods indicating i was about to ovulate and Gyno said i did ovulate (although i guess without checking progestrone 7 days after ovulation you can't be certain) but she didn't seem to think that i hadn't ovulated.
Went to GP yesterday for more answers and to see if he could send me for blood tests (as gyno is now booked and then away til feb) to see if male hormone elevated. He coudn't because he said they are specialised tests. I don't think it would be too much elevated because it seems as though my cycles are regular and normal and i appear to be ovulating. Although i have had issues with pimples since going off the pill in March, i just assume my hormones were still a bit out of whack.

My gyno and GP both said that i don't have PCOS and that it will likely resolve itself (these additional cysts) or could be hormone related given i'm midcycle (between period and ovulation). They were both confident i could )bar stressing about these things i guess) fall pregnant normally but i guess i'm stillworried this is a prob and i can't do anything about it until Feb when gyno is able to do cycle monitoring.

Thoughts? I'm hoping i'm just focusing too much on the negatives and the extreme what if's rather than the fact that gyno and GP dont' think this is an issue at all.