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    Default To share or not to share????

    My vent for the day...

    Last night my friend and I take the kids to a christmas bbq at the local club.
    It's quite usual for our ds's to take along a few of their ben10 figurines and happily sit and play nicely together which they were doing. Prior to this another boy had been pushing ds's friend accussing him of taking something but ds and his friend had been nowhere near this boy. But anyway this boy and his brother sat to play with our boys and took off with some of their figurines. Our boys were happy to share.

    Time to go home and 3 of the figurines are missing. One is found but 2 of my ds's weren't. One of them is a rare one, hard to come by. My friend and I search with the boys. I ask the other boys if they have seen them, no answer, they just look at me. The mother doesn't question them. She asks me a few times "have I found them" the 3rd time she asks I feel like saying "why don't you ask your kids, they had them or at least help find them instead of standing there" but instead I say "no I haven't" in an annoyed voice.

    We leave without them.

    This morning my friend rings to say she had been at the post office and saw the mother with one of the boys and he has a ben10 figurine. She describes it to me and it is the missing rare one. Surely she would say something wouldn't she? Is it ds's? or does her ds just happen to have the same rare one?

    I have been stewing on this all day and I don't know the woman but I know the lady she was with so I am going to track her down and enquire politely as to whether her children found my ds's figurines and accidently took them home.

    I have always encouraged ds to share and he happily does so. I have taught him to respect his things and have respect for other people's but is it worth it when obviously kids such as the 2 boys that disrupted them playing quietly to begin with haven't been taught the same?? I will be disencouraging it from now on.

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    Default To share or not to share????

    A lot of kids take their own toys to child care but its a hard and fast rule in our house that no toys leave the car. Just not allowed. I think you will probably be a lot more wary of toy sharing in the future but I'm sorry your DS had his special toy taken by some little sod.

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    I am always on DD about looking after her things, I won't replace things that get broken/lost as I can't afford to.

    Recently she took her DS on a trip with her cousins - one cousin took the charger home (to another state) and the other broke the DS. Grr. DD is upset and I feel bad but I can't afford to replace the DS. Ergo - we don't share anymore.


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