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    I am also loving high protein foods which help me to stay full longer and avoid blood sugar spikes. Right now its nuts (a handful as a regular snack), cheese (really tasty cheddar), eggs, fish. I try to cut down on bread and pasta. I am 32 weeks pregnant and trying not to worry too much about weight gain but find myself most motivated by thinking about what food is best for my baby. When I heard that omega 3 fats (ie nuts, avocado, salmon) are good for my baby's brain I got right onto it. Good luck.

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    I am 37 weeks and have put on 8kg (starting weight 62kg and now 70kg). I don't follow a diet plan but a typical day is:

    5am - Wake up with MS and bring up bile / take zofran / back to bed
    6am - Wake up feeling somewhat human and eat a cup of cereal (fav atthe moment is special k) and no fat milk / back to bed (!)
    8am - Wake up for 'real' and have two pieces of toast withvegemite or avo/lemon/pepper
    12pm - Lunch (sandwich/wrap/flatbread pizza - basically something with carbs, protein and veggies)
    3pm - Chai latte or similar with no fat milk and a cookie or waffle (depending on how hungry I am)
    5pm - Homemade dip (usually hommus) with a heap of veggie sticks (celery,cucumber,capsicum,snow peas etc) and some corn chips if I am hungry
    7pm - Dinner (grilled protein like chicken, steak or fish with salad or veggies and sometimes carbs but usually I'm not very hungry, it's more for DH)
    9pm - Swiss miss hot chocolate if I want so etching sweet

    Other snacks I have on the odd occasion are no fat greekyogurt, fruit, mixed nuts, cup of earl grey tea and a sweet biscuit.

    Every day I have 3l of water and a glass of cranberry juice plus my prenatal, iron supplement, fish oil supplement (doesn't come in prenatals here in the states), Vitamin C, red raspberry leaf and evening primrose (only started the last two last week based on advice from the midwife).

    We don't have a car so I do about 5-6km of incidental walking a day (and it's below freezing outside) and go to the gym and do light weights and rowing plus stretching every other day.

    Bub has started to engage and everything looks good (yay!), planning an water birth at a birthing centre (inside the hospital) - fingers crossed!

    Really long post, I got carried away... Sorry!

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    I have never been on a diet.. But i am very health conscious. I don't think it has to be too expensive.

    Breakfast will usually be one of the following:
    fruit salad with yoghurt
    eggs on toast
    Porridge with blueberries

    during the day I snack on nuts, dried fruit, veg sticks and hummus, fresh fruit, homemade smoothies etc.. Right now I am snacking on frozen peas. I prefer snacking during the day than having a lunch, usually I find I am not hungry enough for lunch - though sometimes I will make myself a wrap if I am.

    approx 4.30/5pm I always eat a plate of steamed veggies (usually broccoli, carrots, asparagus, beans.. Whatever we have in the house). I have always made ds eat a plate of veggies before I give him the rest of his dinner, so I started joining in with him. I find it fills me up on healthy food before dinner time.

    i eat dinner early (approx 6ish) and usually have a salad or fish or soup with some bread or something. In general, I dislike carb heavy foods so I think that helps.

    I drink plenty of water and peppermint tea throughout the day and I think that helps with the 'full' feeling. If I am craving something sweet I often make an English Breakfast tea with a spoonful of sugar and that often satisfies it, but I don't have much of a sweet tooth to be honest.

    Also, I think if you work 30 mins of exercise into your daily routine you have less desire to eat unhealthy foods.

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    Default Diet help!

    Think about increasing your protein. 2 boiled eggs in the morning should keep you going until lunch. Or a bowl of oatmeal. Eat normal healthy meals but not large amounts.

    Weight gain usually slows down in the last trimester somewhat.


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