I really need some advice on how bad diarrhoea gets when bubs is teething? My little girl is on day 4, we went up to the hospital late yesterday (worried about dehydration) only to be told she is fine its just a teeth and keep giving her panadol and nurofen.
Her little bum is so red and we are using daktozin and extra zinc for the barrier at every change and this is clearing up but everything is just going straight through her.
yesterday we had 10 poos, she is still drinking most bottles still having the 4 a day and solids in between but the solids within 1-2 hours just go straight through. She is happy no temps but just worried about how long she has had this for????
we have our bottom 2 teeth and it looks as though she is on the way to get the ones next to them but no top ones yet???

Would love some advice from you mummies.