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    Default Help - Dream feed?

    DS is 9 weeks and goes to bed around 7 or 8pm. He will sleep for about 5 hours. I'm just wondering whether I should try this dream feed thing right before I go to bed about 10pm? Do I just grab him and wake him up to feed even though he's fast asleep? That seems a little mean! Has this helped people get their LO's to sleep for longer? He is breastfed.

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    No it is not mean. THey can drink while sleeping do you know? As long as it is around drinking time (5 hours seems long enough) you can try feeding. I believe my bub will. THis arvo he had a long nap and was due for feed at 130pm...i gave him his bottle, he drank and I thought he would wake to play...but he continued to sleep till 340pm. He is 9 weeks today.

    I read somewhere that BF babies can latch on and drink even if they are asleep. My bub latches on in the night easily too...trouble is sometimes it is too dark hard for him to find the nipple!

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    My DD didn't wake and I wouldn't change her after, I'd feed in room with lights off. After a few weeks my DH took over with an expressed bottle so I'd be in bed by 9pm and she'd wake again about 3-4am.
    Meant I got a good chunk of sleep and worked for us.
    My sister tried and her DD would wake and ready to party. They are all different, no harm in trying. Good luck

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    I did it the other night as we got home about half an hour before DS was going to wake for a feed and I was exhausted so wanted to go to bed. This was at 11pm and I didn't hear from him then until 3.30 which is his normal time when he has fed at 11.30-12 so in that instance it worked.

    i have contemplated doing one about 8.30-9 when I go to bed as he goes down at 7 and then wakes between 11-12 so I would like to extend this a bit so I get more of a solid sleep.

    As for waking him no you don't wake him. You are meant to pick them up, leave them wrapped if wrapped and quietly feed en put the back in bed still asleep. Apparently they are so relaxed during this feed they really don't take in wind and therefore you don't need to burp them or just amateur of sitting them upright is enough for them to bring it up.

    I do find with this though he will take one breast fine, but then is either not hungry enough or too sleepy to take the second (or both) however the other night when I did it one needed a new nappy or it was likely to leak during the night so I fed one side, the changed his nappy and he stirred but never opened his eyes but was roused enough for the second side.

    I always feed in the dark at night, just have a small night light i his room so I can see enough.



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