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    Default Re: When is it ok to give cows milk to drink?

    I weaned DS1 at 1 because I was pregnant with #2 but he never like a bottle or drinking milk from a cup so I just made sure he got his 600mls via milk on cereal, yogurt and cheese.

    DS2 will also be 1 in Jan shortly after I go back to work too and also won't take a bottle so I'm going to offer milk via a cup and ask childcare to for the same. I'll probably start cutting feeds to just morning and night but keen to ensure he can go down without his night breastfeed if necessary in case I get caught at work or just want a night out!

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    I know this is going to sound slightly crazy considering that cows milk is
    Something nearly every family drinks, but I had the same question when i was weaning my son and I did some research.
    The answer to your question is - they can have cows milk as soon as they are eating a wide variety of foods, just because cows milk is missing a few important vitamins (I forget which ones) but if they are eating regular meals and milk is not the main part of their diet then they can start on cows milk.

    However I do want to say that whilst researching I learned that the molecules in cows milk is not at all recognized as natural to the human body, the human body then sends a chemical to the brain to attack the cows milk molecule and results in blood sugar being released among other things .
    Also, there is evidence that countries which do not drink cows milk have a significantly lower rate of oestoparosis (may have Spelt that wrong)
    However goats milk is much closer to the molecule structure of human breast milk so is a better substitute. It also tastes the same but is more expensive.

    Sorry to go all hippie on you lol but I just thought I'd share what I found. A google search will bring all the info up, for some reason I can not post links on this comment :S

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    Default When is it ok to give cows milk to drink?

    Quote Originally Posted by newmummy2010 View Post
    Between 12 months - 2yrs babies still need 600mls of full cream milk/day to meet dietary needs, plus 2 other serves of dairy per day. If you're cutting out milk you prob need 4 serves or more of dairy per day.

    Full fat dairy products provide required calcium for bones and fat for brain development.
    The new Australian dietary guide for toddlers 12-23 months is actually only 1 and 1/2 serves of dairy (or equivalent) per day - about 250g - very easy to get with just 1 tub yogurt and veggies , i don't think cows milk is required at all , plus it hinders iron absorption and is lacking in a lot of minerals and vitamins

    OP, depending on how well your baby eats , in my opinion formula (which was made specifically for human babies when breast milk is not available) is better than cows milk , not only for their digestion but is nutritionally better overall

    I kept my DS on about 200ml a day of formula until about 18 months , he now just drinks water or I do sometimes make him a smoothie with A2 , Almond or goats milk

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