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    Default Low AMH <1, Cancelled Cycle and no eggs collected... advice?

    Hi girls..

    We have done two cycles this year; the first in August was antagonist with 450 puregon and orgalutran (which was cancelled by the clinic due to poor response - 1 follicle and bloods were not good, low estrogen) so our FS told us to try DHEA and a long down towards the end of the year, after taking the DHEA, the pill, Synarel and again 450 puregon unfortunately we only had two follicles on the scan and no eggs were collected at EPU (they nurse on the day told me they flushed three times and unfortunately just nothing there).

    I spoke to FS a week later and she said it may be good indication of my AMH being less than 1 so we have a couple of options.. we can either try another to make sure or move to donor eggs/adoption. I am just wondering if there is any point doing another cycle... am I setting myself up for a lot of disappointment? I just can't make a decision. The clinic cannot up my dose, 450 is the highest they do so wondering what else they can change. I am booked in for lap surgery in March next year to check a few things as been getting a lot of pelvic pain and because of that FS said to use the next few months to make a decision.

    Has anyone else had something similar happen to them? If so, what was your experience? Or if you were in my position, what would you be looking at doing? Thanks girls. Appreciate any info you can throw at me!

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    sorry to hear that you have had such bad results. Can you change fs at all? The reason I asked was that I have an amh less than 1 and was given less than 10% of chance with my eggs and have now got 11 month old twins. My fs had me on higher doses of puregon and a whole array of different drugs including dhea.
    Might be worth getting a second opinion. I had success after changing drs. If you are in Brisbane I can let you know of a great fs who will throw everything at you and not leave a stone unturned. my first fs had me on 450 of gonal f and gave me 40% chance..turned out he wasn't quite telling me the truth...


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