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    I've had inductions with both my pregnancies. 1st I was overdue and 2nd (4weeks ago) due to lack of movement.
    Most recent one started with a 12 hour pessary following a stretch and sweep, then 2 lots of gel (6 hours apart) then break waters before syntocinon drip was mentioned.
    Both births were vaginal and I never felt rushed (luckily as I seem to labour for days).
    I think as long as you are verbal about your reasons for not wanting something it'll be fine, but at the end of the day we all want a healthy safe arrival, however it may end up all the best x

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    Default Re: Induction with gel

    Quote Originally Posted by ~Bec~ View Post
    It is possible (I've had a VB from being induced) but the earlier it is done the higher the risk of it ending in an emergency cs. If the gel had not have worked in your instance then they may have tried again, if that didn't work within their timeframes then you would have had a cannula inserted and syntocin given. Whilst some women have wonderful births this way many, many others have quite stressful births. The contractions are hard and fast from the onset, you are hooked up to machines and very likely being permanently monitored. If the baby doesn't want to come out (which some do not) or is getting too stressed (hardly surprising given what's going on) then it will end in an emergency c-s.
    Yes this is true. I wasn't meaning to make it sound like it happens to everyone just wanted to give perspective that it can be different for everyone.
    My contractions were hard and fast and it was stressful for me as my DP was made to go home and only just made it back in time, they had to call him a few hrs later. In a way I was lucky that I was on the antenatal ward instead of in delivery suite because I had no option of pain relief and I'm sure being alone and scared I would have taken any if they had offered.

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