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    Hi KT...so did this end up being a BFP?

    We are on the path again TTC after our loss in april and my cycles are all over the place since....I have gone from a 35 day cycle to a 24 days cycle. I think I am about 7 DPO and just started brown spotting. I'm waiting on getting blood next week to see if i'm ovulating as last 2 cycles I haven't but this cycle I def think I have. Lots of little twinges and pulling this time for the last 2 weeks. I remember last time i got pregnant I had some pink spotting exactly 1 week before I was due.

    Thanks luv.
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    Thanks everyone

    My AF has been as regular as i can remember other than missing a period around the time of the wedding. As I thought I may have been pregnant then i had a blood test which came back indicating I was about to ovulate. As scheduled, AF came about 11 or so days later. We then started TTC and i thought I had ovulated around day 14 so went to the dr for a blood test a week later to check i had ovulated. The results came back indicating I was about to ovulate, so my husband then got lucky for another 3 days . I then started bleeding 5 days later.

    My period has always been regular with a good flow, never so much brown.

    Was beginning to become bothered by it (and couldn't wait until the gyno appointment on Monday) to saw my GP who said it could be a period or it could be pregnancy. He said it is very unusual to have AF 5/6 days out from ovulation though. DR confirmed AF usually comes around 14 days post ovulation given or take a few days. So he sent me off for a blood test (of which i should have the results tomorrow) and a Scan of my ovaries to see what's going on.

    Not sure if any of this will give me answers as it could just be AF. Although i would like to make sure i'm ovulating!

    I'll let you know if i get any positive news!

    Good luck to everyone else. It's an exciting time!!!

    Has anyone conceived yet?

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    Hi Babydalla (and other ladies) and thanks for your posts.

    That one didn't end up being a BFP but after that i decided to just take a step back and relax about the whole process (too much reading and getting worked up) so the next month i started acupunture and stopped reading everything around me and fell pregnant that month!! Was totally convinced i couldn't be becuase of the relaxed approach which meant that Dh and I weren't forcing ourselves into bed when ovulation was happening (i will say that i still used OPK's and started temping but more out of curiousity than anything else, i found the OPK's got me excited and in a positive mind set so for me those things were a positive influence).
    What i will say is that i did have a very very slight implant bleed with little miss! So as i say, i was convinced that i coudln't be pregnant and was simply waiting for AF to show up. I refused to do any more pregnancy tests until AF was definitely late because seeing the negative was depressing me. So i think i was about a day late when i saw the spot of very faint red blood, but that was it.

    I then did a pregnancy test a couple of days later and was BFP.

    I then also had spotting at around week 5/6 and week 8 ( i think) . Which is scary to say the least but luckily for me the spotting was minor but the second time we went to the private emergency to se eif they could confirm i was still pregnant, and i was. The dr said it can normal to spot at week 4, 8 and 12 as your uterus is growing. But for me anytime i bleed because i'm O neg blood group i need an anti D injection (now that i'm 7 months pregnant i get them every 6 weeks) to stop my blood mixing with bubs in case bub is a positive blood group.

    Anyway, i have also heard stories of woman who implant quite heavily so i guess it depends on the woman. all i can see is just see what happens. Implant seems to occur quite close to when you would ordinarily receive a BFP so you'll soon find out!
    Babydalla, if for some unfortunate reason this cycle has not worked for you, i would recommend acupunture. It's amazing for various reasons but can help regulate your hormones and your cycle. I also had a friend who unfortunately suffered a loss and after a few months started acupunture to regulate everything again and fell quite quickly after that and is now something like 4 weeks away from having bub. Obviously no guarnatees but just a suggestion.

    Good luck! Try and surround yourself with some positivity! I'm not spiritual guru but changing my mindset worked


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