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    In year 5, a small group of students from our school were invited to perform at the Sydney Opera House. We were to stay over for 3 nights in Sydney, which the school funded as it was somewhat of an honour.

    On the first night we all went to a restaurant for dinner. I had never been to a restaurant before, so I had absolutely no idea how to behave. I didn't even know how to use cutlery properly. I was so embarrassed sitting there not knowing what to do, that I made an excuse and said I didn't feel well and didn't want anything to eat.

    Later that night, back in the hotel room, one of the teachers who came with us paid a special visit to me to bring me some food and teach me table manners (in a sweet way, not a mean way) so that I would feel comfortable eating with them the following nights.

    I was so grateful.

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    Default Re: *spin off* what nice/awesome thing has a teacher done for you?

    My teachers on high school were amazing.

    I went through a really rough time in high school battling an anxiety disorder I had since I was 8 that was still undiagnosed and then went through a patch where my cousin, my best friends dad who I was close to as well, my uncle committed suicide and 2 grandparents all died in a fairly short space of time. My family was supportive but I an the type of person who struggles to find support from others who are also emotionally involved.

    On the day of my cousins funeral I went to school in the morning to keep my mind off things, my roll call teacher knew my well enough to see me heading into depression and hunted me down to talk to me, he asked me if I was ok, and I responded that I was fine, his response was, 'that's a load of Sh!t, you're not ok, talk to me.' It seems like such a small thing but I was only in yr 8 and to have a teacher swear and talk so honestly like that made me realise that he wasn't just 'being a teacher, doing his job'

    Over the remaining years of school he always knew when I wasn't ok, and took action. And tbh, he took a lit of crap from me. At one point he sent me to the school counsellor (which as an adult I understand why) but I was so angry, and I let him know it. He just stood there, took my rants, raves and yelling and then apologised but explained why he had to do it.

    He was a stand out, every other teacher at that school was just as vigilant and proactive though. I potentially owe my life to those guys cause I don't know if I would have made it otherwise.

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    Default Re: *spin off* what nice/awesome thing has a teacher done for you?

    In preschool the teachers bought me a birthday present at the end of the yr (bday in Jan). It was a skipping rope, ballerina teddy and the biggest card I have ever been given. They asked me to hide it so the other kids wouldn't know and it was nice that they cared

    Kindy my teacher realised I could read so changed me into a harder class where I wasn't bored.

    Yr 1 I was given extra HW and put in with yr 3 for reading groups and extra work. I loved that teacher! They let me do the English test which you aren't supposed to do until yr 2 and I did really well.

    Yr 2/3 was a great teacher. He was so funny and encouraging.

    Yr 4 I had the same teacher as yr 1 and she encouraged me to try for the OC.

    Yr 5 I was at a new school and my teacher noticed I was shy and not making new friends so she helped me out. She also took me aside to help when I couldn't work out fractions.

    Yr 6 was amazing! He did so much extra work for us and really kept me trying.

    Highschool was a bit hit and miss with teachers. Some were great, others not so.. My senior English teacher would spend every Monday afternoon helping teach me how to write a really good essay. The whole pe staff were amazing. My roll call teacher knew that my bus came late so would always leave my name until the bell rang to mark off. I had 2 teachers wait with me until 10:30/11 pm after our ski trip because my Dad was taking awhile to get there.

    I hope DS gets teachers as good as I had.

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