Hi fellow Bub Hubbers,

Firstly,before I get to the nitty-gritty of my post, I'll share my DP's and I's TTC journey thus far. I'm 39 and my DP is 43 and has 2 adult children from a previous relationship. I have no fertility issues but my DP has Obstructive Azoospermia Our IVF/ICSI journey started in June this year. Here's a rundown for you all.....

IVF/ICSI#1:June 2012....(long down reg) 9 eggs at EPU, 9 fertilised using TESA sperm from DP, 2xDay 5 Blasto's transferred (not great quality.....2BB/2CC-our clinic uses a 1-5 grading system...1 being very poor and 5 being excellent) BFP-Chemical and the remaining embryo's weren't of good enough quality to freeze. On the upside, we ended up with 2 vials of sperm frozen from the TESA procedure.

IVF/ICSI#2: Sept 2012...(long down reg) 9 eggs at EPU, 6 fertilised, 1xCompacting Morula and 1xBlasto (graded 3BB) transferred. BFN....full blown Code Red (period) on Day10pt5dt. Again, no frosties

IVF/ICSI#3: Dec 2012....And here's the problem....9 eggs at EPU (5/12) 6 eggs were immature (WTF???), 3 mature and 2 were matured in the lab. 2 eggs ferilised and in light of the poor results, we (FS, my DP and myself) decided the embryo's were better in than out so on Fri arvo (7/12) my 2x2-cell embryo's were transferred (graded 3 out of 5. Our scientist Chris said the only reason they weren't graded a 4 was because they were still at the 2-cell stage. At my age, a grade 5 is impossible so never expect one. Chris also said there was very little if any fragmentation within them which is good I guess). To make matters worse, Chris told me prior to the transfer that either one or some of my eggs (can't quite remember as I was a little out of it on valium which I take before transfer as dialating my cervix kills for some reason) were grainy looking so that was yet another kick in the guts. As I was being wheeled into the room for the transfer, Chris..Bless his heart.... (noticing my distress at the bad news regarding my eggs) asked me if I wanted to see my embryo's before being loaded into the "Catheter Express". I looked down into the microscope and there they were, my 2 beautiful 2-celled embyo's It cheered me up no end!!!!

When I asked scientist Chris why I had so many immature eggs he said it might just be an off cycle. Admittidely I had 1 immature egg on my first cycle and 2 on my second (which is to be expected) but I'm at a loss as to why this cycle?? When I asked my FS after transfer he said "there's no easy answer"....very helpful...Not!!!!!

So, I'm wondering if any HB's have had success or know of anyone who has had success from a 2-cell Day 2 transfer??? Am trying to be optimistic, but am feeling on a bit of a downer thinking they haven't got a hope in H e l l??? Chris also told me to bear in mind that my embryo's were a late fertilisation (ICSI'd at 6pm in the lab on Wed and transferred at 1.30pm'ish on Fri 7/12) as I was concerned they hadn't progressed from 2-cell stage. I just don't know. Am confused, distressed, angry etc about why this cycle ended up the way it did. My protocol was the same (except for my Gonal-F which was increased slightly from 225iu to 300iu this cycle). Am interested in what my fellow BH's think of the whole sorry saga.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to your replies. to you all