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    DD was an October baby and I swaddled her from day dot in hospital. It helped her sleep so well. Then in late December it became too hot to swaddle (no aircon in bedroom unfortunately!), and I was forced to stop swaddling with the overnight bedroom temperature being around 28-30 degrees. Her sleep did go to poo when we stopped swaddling unfortunately, and it wasn't until I night weaned her at 12 months that she slept through again, and now at 14 months she sleeps through still.
    I too am concerned about summer swaddling. We have evaporative cooling which isn't fantastic, and airon which is old and can't cool the room very well, so the Muslim type of wrap is fantastic material. Today is my first time using it on bub...not sure if that's the reason He's been napping from 1130am to now 320pm!!!

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    Default When to stop swaddling?

    I was worried about summer too. We do have a/c in bedroom but a/c all the time dries you out-your skin. So I'm trying no a/c during the day (unless unbearable) but running a/c at night. I wrap her in a stretchy cotton blanket. It's perfect size. The muslin wraps for day are too small or too big!! But I'm making it work. Sort of.
    This baby stuff is hard to navigate for a first timer!! Last night I put her in a coverall type onsie (feet enclosed too) and wrapped her in stretchy blanket. I was running a/c but was worried she was hot. Took me forever to settle her last night-she kept squirming out of the swaddle. 😋


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