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    Default Re: Breast reduction

    I really appreciate the feedback.

    I have thought about this for many years and although it wont be a popular decision i am doing so before i start my family. Mentally i.wouldnt be able to handle.breastfeeding with the size i Am now and the thought of waiting 10 years till i had started and finished.my family breaks me. I am very aware of the difficulties and the importance of breast.milk so luckily we live in an age where there is help.

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    I understand where you are coming from. I had my reduction when I was 21 and not even thinking about having a family or what impact the reduction might have on breastfeeding. Perhaps you should discuss breastfeeding implications with your surgeon and ensure a surgical technique which offers the least damage to the breast is used (pedicle techniques for example). The book Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction lists all common surgical techniques and their usual affect on breastfeeding.

    But you have an extremally high chance it will effect breastfeeding, both from physical damage to the breast and removal of milk making structures, and from nerve damage which effects many aspects of breastfeeding. Plus there's things like scar tissue, inelasticity and artificial nipple position post surgery, which can all effect positioning and latch of the baby. I only tell you all this because I desperately wish someone had told me.

    But you can still breastfeed to some extend with a lot of hard work to overcome all the additional challenges, and things like at-breast supplementers etc. there's the BReastfeeding After Reduction (bfar.org) site if you want further information.

    Good luck with it. My recovery post-surgery was great. Pain levels were easily managed and physically I recovered very quickly, although I remained medically restricted for several weeks from heavy lifting etc. And the surgical techniques they now use are advanced and less invasive than when I had my surgery.


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