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    Default Vent! Mums need sick days too!

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! We've made it to 3:30 and I've done a quick head count and we're all still here so that's a positive lol

    DH has taken time off for me in the past and he does try to help but he doesn't have much sick leave or carers leave left as we've had a shocking year of illness in the house being DD1's first year of kindy. We've caught everything!

    Anyway, we're getting there. Can't wait for DH to walk in the door and take over though

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    I had gastro a few weeks back and it was awful.

    I literally laid on the couch, put the tv on fro DD and only moved to get her food or change her nappy, Whenever she came up to me i kept repeating "mummy sick"

    She thought it was so cool that she decided to pretend she was sick by laying on the couch with a blanket too saying "sick, sick"

    I then slept when she had her arvo nap and when DH got home from work i literally curled up in bed and died


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