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    Default Day 45 - Now what was I afraid of?!?!

    Tonight I did my groceries after work, with the *help* of a 3 year old, and also went looking for a dress to wear to a christmas party on the weekend. So by the time I got home, dinner and the like I thought that I would just do Rush. As I was getting the disc out of the sleeve my eye fell on the fitness concert disc which is the only disc that I hadn't tackled. For some reason I thought that it was way too hard core for me, like a rave is to a person who only dances at weddings. I figured I would put it on and turn it off after about 20-30 minutes. As it started to sink in that it was actually the same work out that I have done so many times, and I was not only keeping up but.....now brace yourself......I was even freestylin' Cumbia (in the bit where the girls put their skirts on and Beto gets his hat and satchel on). So I was going along and suddenly it was up the the Tango and then the next thing I knew it was finished. It was lots of fun and I really like the energy of it.

    Yesterday was weigh in day. Again no movement on the scales and a couple of pluses and a couple of minuses on the tape measure (I will fill in the other thread tomorrow). I have still been trying to incorporate healthy outdoor activities with my DD but the last few days have been so hot we really haven't done very well on that front, other than a bit of early evening frisbee. Last night I only had time for toning and I squeezed in a quick 5 minute run on the treadmill, which I jogged the whole time. I am encouraged by my overall aerobic fitness improvements.

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    That's fantastic, SPG! The fitness concert was so much fun, I would've loved to have been there in person for that one!

    It seems to be the week for slow losses, just keep doing what you're doing which is fantastic and you'll lose the weight soon enough!


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