Hi ladies

I've been having a toothache for a week. It was only slightly painful at times but 2 days ago it was so bad I couldn't sleep the whole night. I've tried listerine, salt water and nothing works. The only soothing way is to have water (cool not hot) in my mouth constantly. So I was up whole night spitting and changing water in my mouth every 3-5 mins.
Just saw my dentist yesterday and he couldn't pinpoint what was wrong so he disgnosed it as a pregnancy related hormone gum issue. Ask me to use a mouth rinse and continue brushing the affected area. The only option was to take an xray to see what may be going on but as I'm pregnant I don't feel comfortable doing it so is the dentist. However he said to return if it's still persistent pain by next week and we would have to do an xray then. Somehow it was instant pain relief after seeing the dentist. I don't know what happened but it's just not painful anymore. Could be due to his tugging and massaging the gum area. However when i got home to have some lunch, the hotness of the food brought back the pain. Damn...I should have let it cooled down. Anyway I manage to catch some sleep. I realised some tugging and massaging helps to take the pain away. My problem now is I can't eat and drink normally. No bitting so I'm eating like a baby, things that don't have to be chewed and just swallowed. The cool water doesn't work for me anymore too. I just can't have any thing near the affected area.
I wanted to get Bonjela to numb the pain but pharmacist recommended xylocaine which is a topical anasthetic. It work immediately but lasted only 40mins. Completely numb the area including my other teeth and tongue. But pain came back afterwards. I manage to put off the pain by accidentally massaging the right spot but i'm afraid it will come back again. It definitely still hurts when i drink or eat.
Anyone experiece similar toothaches and tips to deal with it?