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    Default weaning off wrapping/swaddling

    ok so I know this has been asked a million times and i have researched quite a bit on this but my bub has a bit of a twist... he is now 6months and has become the mini hulk when it comes to getting out of the wrap. I would love to not have to rely on wrapping every night becase its becoming a nightmare!!!!
    My problem is, he has eczema, and because of this he scratches and hurts himself alot which is probably why ive wrapped this long in the first place, secondly when he is tired he rubs and rubs his eyes non stop until i pull his hands away which he then freaks out screaming coz ive stopped him. the eczema is under control and not relly noticable but the part which I cant put cream and which itches are his eyes, and this is part of the problem
    Anyone experienced the same? ANY solutions would be so good

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    Default weaning off wrapping/swaddling

    I recently weaned my DD off the wrap. She kept pulling her dummy out and keeping herself awake(not as bad as scratching eczema I know!) but I found a solution that I gave her a little square of fabric to play with. It keeps her hands busy and she goes to sleep on her own in 10 mins or so.

    Now I've written that though I realise you probably need an all night solution to stop him in his sleep.... Mittens? I have a size 0 sleep suit with arms and mittens built in so you can get them. It's a sprout brand one.

    Good luck

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    Default weaning off wrapping/swaddling

    Have you tried sleepy wings?

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