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    Default Part time work and can't pump. What to do on days off?

    I'm going back to work 2 days a week and DD will be 7 months old. She'll probably be feeding 5 times a day, and missing out on her 11am and 2pm feeds. I can't express enough milk (yes, I keep trying) so when I work she'll be taking formula.

    Is it better for her and my boobs to be consistent and give formula feeds every day at these times, or give her breast on my days off and risk explody boobs at work? Also if I have days where I feed her less will my supply be affected so I HAVE to give her formula all the time?


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    I went back to work 3 days a week (8am - 3pm) when DD1 was 7 months - it was a few months older with the other girls. With all of them I kept on feeding as usual on the days I wasn't at work. I did have some frozen expressed milk to use for DD1 but that only last about a month and once I'd run out she just had formula only on my work days.

    I would feed her as close to leaving home as possible and the carer would give her a solid breakfast. Generally it was only one or two feeds of formula she was having and as soon as we got home she would always have a big feed.

    For the first few weeks I did leak a little bit at work, but fairly quickly my body adjusted and it wasn't a problem and it didn't affect my supply on the days I wasn't working.

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