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    Default I want another baby but husband doesn't

    Hi all. I have a 6 year old DS and really want another baby but hubby doesn't. Our DS was hard work for the first 3 years of life so I think this has put hubby off among other reasons of not having another child.

    I am 36 so have been thinking that If we are going to have another it should be soon, I don't want to end up resenting my husband if we don't have one.

    my hubby is an only child, I am 1 of 3 so know the value of having sibilings he just can't see it. Also my DS has asked when he is going to get a sibling.

    has anyone ever experienced this and how did they cope.

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    Default Re: I want another baby but husband doesn't

    I had the same problem. Dd1 was about 5 when I couldn't wait any longer. I say DP down and had a heart to heart and told him that I desperately wanted another. I told him the urge was so strong that I couldn't imagine the desire for another baby to go away. I also explained that dd1 was a very difficult baby and toddler and assured him that not all babies are like that and now she is a bit older she is a great kid. I couldn't hold my feelings in anymore and we didn't argue or get emotional. I said it how it was. I left things as they were for a little while and he came to me and said he understands how important it was to me. We now have 2 dd's. I feel I'm done now, but now he admits he wants more so we'll see how my many making bits are in a year or so and if I'm able to.

    Honestly you need to have a good talk about this. Let him know exactly how you feel.

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    Im in a similar situation.
    My partner is an only child. He never wanted children.
    The first wasn't too hard to get. But number 2 was a real fight. We argued about it a lot! Eventually he said he'd give it 6 months and if I wasn't pregnant 'too bad!' I got pregnant with twins in the first month! Unfortunately I lost one twin early on in the pregnancy. I've now got two girls 3 1/2 year old and 18 months
    i feel very much to have two beautiful healthy children but I've ALWAYS wanted three children. I almost had it!
    Im scared to talk to my partner about this. But I desperately want another baby.
    Any advice?


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