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    Default 35 weeks and blood in urine

    Possibly TMI so apologies in advance,
    i had my anti natal appt today and after explaining the back, groin and leg cramps, stabbing pains below and vomiting from pain she made me give a urine sample, came back with traces of blood from a test she did in her office(any idea what the test was for?) she then said she needed to send off to pathology because of the traces of blood. For some reason I didn't ask what it could mean( think maybe because I had another dr in there giving their opinion I was abit taken back). Does anyone have any idea what they might b looking for? It's gonna b a few days b4 results r in.
    Sorry for the long post. Just having a mini stress out.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: 35 weeks and blood in urine

    I'd guess they'd be checking for a uti ( urinary tract infection).

    My Dr does a pee test at each visit to test for things like protein, sugar and blood.

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    Default Re: 35 weeks and blood in urine

    Blood in your urine could mean you have a UTI which has damaged your urinary tract resulting in blood cells being present. (women are much more prone to UTIs in case you didnt know)

    Otherwise it is likely there is a problem with your kidneys allowing red blood cells to leak.

    However dont stress! Its probably just a UTI considering she tested it and it had trace levels some antibiotics would clear it up.

    Its not worth stressing yourself out too much over. Unless your urine is obviously red from blood in which case it is probably more serious.

    Hope this helps you a little!

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