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    Years ago I rented with a friend off a guy we knew while he went overseas. We had a proper lease and rented it furnished at market value. He wanted to rent it out furnished so he didnt have to get rid of all his stuff when he went travelling (he lived in the house before he went).

    When he got back from overseas he randomly sent me an email one day and said he was back in Oz and coming round that weekend to pick up all his furniture so he could move into a new house. He seriously couldn't understand that he couldn't just come and take all the furniture when it was specified in the lease that we were renting it furnished. Also neither my friend or I were going to be in town that weekend so we couldn't even be there if he did come round.

    I ended up basically having to tell him that if he let himself in the house or took anything I'd be calling the police. Such a freaking hassle. But also we were young and probably didnt handle it properly, it was the first time I had rented.

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    I'm a landlord property is in qld and I'm in nsw.

    Last year we received a letter from the people who own property behind our place. They begged us to evict our tenants due to our tenants wanting to kill their puppy
    It was very stressful, we've had the same tenants for a while with no issues, yet someone is accusing them of doing something so horrible.

    The letter begged us not to say anything to our real estate agent or tenants.. What were we to do??!?!?

    Anyways we let slip on the sly to our agent and after us sussing stuff out whilst we were there, it turns out it wasn't our tenants but the next door neighbors. Phew.

    But lately they are being pretty sloppy tenants, we went for our inspection (we hadnt done onein 2 years) and they were such grots - wet towels on the carpet filthy shower.

    We're trying to sell the property now and they're making it a bit hard for us now, they don't tidy up for open house which sux.

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    I consider us to be the perfect tenants.

    Rent always paid on time, Im a bit of a clean freak, gardens maintained and treat a rental like we would our own home.

    Ive been lucky, ive always had really good landlords. Only our last 2 rentals have been through a PM rather than a private rental and they love us and we them lol... we had to move out of our last place cause the landlords split and the agency just wanted to keep us so we are in another place through them.

    Ive heard a few horror stories tho.

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    We have been in this house 7 years. In that time the rent has increased from $255 to $380. Now they want to increase it to $400! Omg! I hope they like the list as long as your arm of things that need doing that they have ignored over the years. No termite barrier on this house since 2000. The fence is termite riddled and in danger of falling on our children or the neighbours kids or their dogs. There is mould in the roof, the roof caps are loose and water gets in. The paint is peeling off the walls in places. Not a happy mummy today! The owners live o/s and don't give a toss about this place. Oh well, you just lost your Long Term Tenants!


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