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    Default Mirena trial

    My OB has asked me to go in a trial, inserting the mirena during caesarean. I am having my Caesar next week and I've said yes but I'm a bit nervous! I am worried it may cause cramping on top of all the other pain I'll be experiemcing...Any thoughts from fellow hubbers?

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    I would be interested to see how it goes, I have had a Mireana before which was inserted a month after my last caesarean which was thought to be pretty soon as they usually want you to wait till after you have had your first period so 6-8 weeks but I had minimal bleeding so asked for it to be done early.

    Would have been so much easier to just have it put in after caesarean. The only thing I would be worried about is would it stay in place because after all the swelling went down? I read an article a while ago about this, don't no if it would be a real concern or not.

    As for the cramping, I had a couple of cramps afterwards but really not that bad and I could still walk around the shops! I really loved my Mireana, I had it for 3 years, lost 12 kilos with it in (some people say it can make you put on weight) and got pregnant a month after having it removed. I'm about to get my second one put in soon, baby is only 3 weeks so have an appointment in early jan to get it done.

    Hope all goes well, if it does work out then it will be great, one less thing to worry about

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