Which DVD is becoming your favourite and why?

That is a hard one, I like them all, yes even Ripped which is the DVD I find hardest to do. I like it because it challenges me do better every time. I love the music in Mix and the atmosphere in Fitness Concert. Activate is my go to DVD when I do it with friends. I feel Exhilarate gives me a more all over workout and Rush really targets my problem area. If I had to choose, It would be Rush because of the change I have seen in my thighs and bum since I started doing it more often. It is a total bonus that I can always fit in, no matter how crazy my day is and with 6 kids and hubby that goes away for work a few days a week, my days do get crazily busy.

Do you notice any emotional benefits taking place? Confidence? Happiness?

Yes, I have huge benefits. I am happier and a hell of a less stressed. When I find my self feeling overwhelmed I go and put on a DVD and take all my frustration out in the workout. My kids, husband and even my mum and sister have noticed the new chilled out me. I am dealing with things with a new happier/I can do this attitude.
At the beginning of this challenge I wasn't sure I would make it to the end. Now I know not only will I make it to the end, I will continue to exercise daily as it has made such a huge change in my life. I am a different person to the one who started this challenge.

My confidence is at the highest point that it has been in twenty years as I did something this week that has had me smiling all week, I tried on a heap of dresses from the NORMAL section (not the plus size) of Kmart and Target. This made me so happy because every single one I tried on fit. One of the dresses I brought because it complimented my my new shape making me feel young and sexy. Now that is something I haven't felt in a very long time. I am feeling so good about myself right now.

Here is the link to that dress.