OMG, did I really just type week 6....Eeeek, where did that go?!?!?!

Which DVD is becoming your favourite and why?

I would have to say Exhilarate, and it is my favourite for all of the reasons that I would have told you it was my least favourite 2 months ago. It is fast paced, it makes me just basically kicks my butt each and every time. My favourite tracks on Exhilarate are Tango and the Flamenco/Rumba track at the end. I love the sets of 6 arm movements over your head and the shoulders, and I love those drums in it.

Do you notice any emotional benefits taking place? Confidence? Happiness?

Pride. Despite my feelings about the results that I not really seeing on the scales, I do feel really proud of the fact that I am working out, and not whimping out, not taking the easy way out but throwing myself into the workout (sometimes a little too much if last weeks trip to the hospital is anything to go by). The pride that I feel is self-perpetuating: It keeps me walking past the biscuit jar at work, it reminds me to work out, to add an extra serve of vegetables to our evening meals, to set a good example for my daughter by getting out of the house and hitting the park or going for a swim rather than going to the shopping centre so that she learns that this is to be a way of life, and this will give me some positive (or negative depending how you look at it) feedback from the scales. If it doesn't show on the scales, que sera I guess. At least I will be happy on the inside, and my daughter will know that a life spent on the couch is a life half lived.