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    Default Spinoff BLW vs Purée

    Quote Originally Posted by CMF View Post
    I don't really understand why anyone would think that BLW babies go hungry? It doesn't take long for them to get the hang of picking up food and putting it in their mouths, and at that age they are still very dependent on milk for their primary nutrition anyway.
    I don't either! You continue milk feeds as normal till bub indicates otherwise. As they get better at eating they will themselves drop milk feeds. You don't really want them refusing milk till they are over 1 anyway.

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    I've done BLW with 3 of my 4 children. Only the first was fed mush/puree and i'd not do it again (obviously!). It was so.much.effort. Cooking and mashing it all up, freezing in separate portions, trying to spoon feed her while I was trying to eat my own dinner (we always made meal times, family time) etc etc and well, come second time around, i'd heard of BLW and decided it was far easier than what I had previously done!

    I plonked baby in high chair next to me at the dinner table, slapped some food on the tray (whatever it was we were eating - baby friendly of course) and let him go for it, while I was free to eat my meal...HOT!

    I've never looked back. It's just.so.easy. So cooking separate meals for baby, just simply serve what we're eating and let them go to town!

    But that's not to say, my 3 boys have *never* been spoon fed. Occasionally I feed them natural yoghurt, which they can't really feed themselves at a young age, or i'd make them porridge, again which they couldn't feed themselves as young babies. So there *were* times when I fed them myself, but it wasn't often and was never at family dinner time, only breakfast/lunch or at snack times

    There's no right or wrong way, just depends on how you want to go about introducing solids to your baby

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    I guess it depends on the baby. Both my kids had to start solids at 4 months due to their reflux.

    DS was great on purees and loved everything I gave him. I introduced finger foods around 6 months and tried to do the BLW thing but it didn't work out and he was always hungry.
    DD just started solids and I have a feeling she isn't a big fan of purees. When I give her a piece of the steamed fruit or veg to suckle on she seems really happy but keeps spitting the puree out. I will keep insisting with the puree until she's 6 months and take it from there.


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