Which DVD is becoming your favourite and why?

I have two favourites: Mix & Rush.

I love Mix because of the focus on such a variety of different world-dance styles that are all still familiar.
The Pasa-doble (bull fight dance), Arabian belly dancing, Asian warrior-moves, Hip-Hop, Disco, African tribal, Bollywood... a trip around the world right in my lounge room. I feel powerful, sexy and energetic all at the same time.

I love Rush because with my crazy schedule it is sometimes the only workout i can squeeze in. Prior to discovering this workout i just wouldnt have bothered with a workout at all. But in 20 mins i get my heart rate up, endorphins flowing, i work up a sweat and by incorporating the Toning Sticks i get a bit of a muscle toning session too.

Do you notice any emotional benefits taking place? Confidence? Happiness?

The biggest emotional change i have noticed is more of a sense of calm and peace. When i have done my workout for the day i feel relaxed and proud and those aren't too emotions that a busy person gets to feel very often under normal circumstances.

I have also noticed a bit of a confidence boost in the last couple of weeks when with DH... I will leave that comment at that