another week and another batch of tests went to a diffrenet doctor this morning and boy just a tad alternative and a bit scary..

I only am going so I can get day 3 tests done on my fertlity this time I asked for AMH and all the others but shes testing for a whole bunch of other things.Day 3 is tommorrow..once and for all I may get a better picture of where I'm at at 38 and half.

I know that I have no thyroid or diabetes from the test i took last week at the end of my cycle..but she stesting for other things which that other doc didn't do last week... i guess they are all different but thats not good because it wastes peoples time time i don't have.

she went on about not taking a strong enough folate and that hubby needs more than a semen test blah blah..and she was dead serious... its like she took me more seriously than the other quack i went to last week! but scared me as well...

i won't get the results till next monday, time just flys and meanwhile
I'm not pregnant if that doc last week had taken me seriously I would be getting the results today! And have the ACCURATE picture of where I'm at!

I'm furious...