Hi lovely pregnant mummies (and others reading along)!

(Mods I'm offering something for free so hopefully this is appropriate - please contact me if it isn't).

Having a baby is exciting, scary and tiring! The first few weeks after birth are a time that we all deserve to feel nurtured, cared for and given the space and time to bond with our babies. But general concerns about how to care for a baby, problems with breastfeeding, trying to figure out how to manage other children etc can get in the way. It is for these reasons I am training as a postpartum doula in the hope to provide support to new mums to help them enjoy this incredibly short period of their lives and hopefully aid in the prevention of long term issues such as postnatal depression (I am also a mum of two who I breastfeed for 12 months + so I have personal experience too!).

I am so close to completing my course but still need to support one more mum during the six weeks following the birth of her child If you live in or around the st george / sutherland shire in Sydney and would be interested in discussing how I can help you in more detail please feel free to PM me or respond to this post.