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    Default *bites nails* starting new job...

    I found out this week that i got a job i REALLY wanted, it's a full time position (desk job) but i'm really nervous about it.

    I haven't ever held a full time job before and it's the first 'real' job i'll have had since having my DD in 06, I've been incredibly lucky to be able to stay home with her all that time.

    How do the working mums cope with being away from their kids so much, This job is a min 40hrs p/w (works out to 9hours a day at work plus another 60min travelling time). The start and finish times will vary but i'll very rarely be able to take my DD to or from school anymore and i'll miss almost every school event from now on. It only hit me tonight how much i'll miss out on!

    I am looking forward to the job, it's something i know i'll love, i am just torn between my heart and my head.

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    Default *bites nails* starting new job...

    Congrats on the new job!

    I work full time and it's hard missing out on all the school things. I make sure that if something important is happening I find a grandparent, aunt or family friend etc to attend so DD at least has someone there. With really important stuff (eg end of year concert) I warn my employers in advance that I will be gone for an hour or two. As long as my work gets done they don't care, most bosses have kids and understand that you can't miss every single thing.

    Good luck!!


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