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    Quote Originally Posted by SassyMummy View Post
    Last night, I did make-up for a friend's professional photo shoot for her band. I did it for free, and thought it'd be a good, fun thing and a good way to build my portfolio.

    It was just... horrible.
    as a trained makeup artist who has worked in the industry for ten years we have all had these.

    Firstly she wanted you there to pad her ego
    Secondly she thought you should be grateful to be there to pad her ego

    Next time. Have the confidence to walk away if it isn't working. I stopped working with a photographer I had done a lot with as I felt he was getting sleazy with models posing etc..

    If someone was criticising me like that I would have invented an emergency and left. You weren't being paid so she should have been more greatful!

    Regardless of your skill level you don't deserve to be treated like that.

    I have also refused to continue to work on a paid shoot as I felt that what they were asking was going to be bad and I didn't want my reputation on it. It did end up bad and I was glad my name wasn't on it.

    I would explain to her (in person or an email) that you were offended and give her a chance to apologise. If she doesn't, depending on how close you are and the value of your friendship, I would cut her loose.

    I wouldn't let a paying client talk to me like that let alone a friend.

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    That's revolting. It must have been difficult not to walk out after the first few *****y comments.

    She sounds awful.

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    Default Why ask me to do it, if you can't trust me to do it properly?

    All I can say is, if she ever gets married... Run for the hills! Can u imagine what she'd be like on her wedding day?! Bridezilla from hell

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    Thanks again everyone!

    I couldn't just leave, I was about 80km from my house, nowhere near public transport and my car was 50km away at my train station. I also didn't know at that point I could make someone come get me. I could have made DP if it was a real emergency, but he had DD in bed.

    As for bridezilla... I totally said that to her. lol. I joked and said, "You're going to be a bit of a bridezilla aren't you?" She took it well and laughed... but maybe she got my undertone. I hope so.

    Given she has been talking about the shoot all over the internet and offering off some pics of it too, and thanking every man and his dog for somehow being linked to it, but not me... I just contacted the photographer and asked for some shots. Even though she dominated the shoot, I still did some facial contouring, her eyes (even if I was limited in what I could do) and her cheeks... and it was the only work I've done that has been caught by a professional photographer so I wanted something from it! lol.

    He's said he can organise for me to get some cheap shoots with him if I wanted to expand my portfolio in future and he's lovely, so I might take him up on that... with girls I KNOW aren't divas!

    Her thanking people who weren't even there, (serously, she thanked 13 people... there were 3 people other than her at the shoot, me, the photographer and her bandmate) made me want to post my "before" shot of her on FB and tag her... cos all her pics are posed and taken with a full face of make-up. You know, just to do a bit of a "stuff you jerk!" lol. I didn't, but I want to.


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