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    Post Endometriosis pain in early pregnancy

    I'm currently 6 and a half weeks pregnant, and since 4 weeks pregnant I've had severe cramping in my lower abdomen a few times a week that has me doubled over. The pain stretches out across the lower abdomen region, although sometimes just stays on the right side and then travels down my right thigh, just as it did when I got my period. I recently was diagnosed with endometriosis (in the search of finding out why we couldn't get pregnant through my fertility specialist), and had it removed only 2 months ago. Since then I have experience bad cramping pains so feel as though there must be some scar tissues in there, however am quite concerned about my pregnancy and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this who has endometriosis? I've not had any bleeding or spotting, only severe cramping up to 3 or 4 times a week that lasts up to 20 minutes and woke me up last night in my sleep. I will also note that in trying for a baby, I did take clomid and pregnyl - not sure if this has had anything to do with the severe cramping.

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    Hi Ruthie,

    I also have severe endo (grade IV), and have had it since I was a teenager. I've had to have 3 operations to remove it as it grows back. Just like you, I had a laparoscopy to remove endo in July, then fell pregnant in September - surgery is pretty recent, I still have the wounds on my tummy.

    My endometriosis surgeon told me that the endo will not affect pregnancy or delivery of the baby.

    I am 12 weeks now and starting to show. I have also felt some weird sharp pains and I am concerned that it might be scar tissue stretching - worried it might get worse as baby grows, and that internal scars and adhesions could even tear, especially as surgery was so recent. I'm going to ask my obstetrician at the next appointment in Jan.

    Do you have an obstetrician yet? If your pains are making you double over in pain, I would ring him or your endometriosis surgeon to ask about it.

    Hope it gets better!

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