I didn't GD until my third pregnancy, and it went from being diagnosed to high levels of insulin within a few weeks... then by the time I was nearly 34 weeks the ob was sufficiently concerned that he scheduled me for an amnio to see if the baby was developed enough to induce.
They couldn't do the amnio or induction on that date because the ultrasound tech couldn't find a safe place to insert the needle, so scheduled me to go back a week later. On the very day I was scheduled to go back for attempt number 2, I went into labour on my own. (14 hours and at the end he was 8 pounds!)

The dr warned me then that it was highly likely that any future pregnancies would result in GD again, and also warned me that I was at higher risk for developing diabetes later on even while not pregnant.

With this pregnancy - tested GTT at 16 weeks, and results indicated I was already GD. Then I was put on insulin at 18 weeks and since then it has been VERY frustrating let me tell you!! I have been put on 2 different types of insulin, and the doses keep getting raised because we can't get it under control. My diet has been VERY controlled, and I do get excersize (walking is about all I can do right now!) so we can't understand whats going on.

Now, here I am at 29 weeks and the last two visits the ob has stated that they are not going to let the baby go full term because with the way the test results keep coming out there is a real concern for the baby's health.

Anyway, it's just frustrating because we are doing our best to do the best things for the baby and seem to only ever have things go wrong! On top of the GD, I have been diagnosed with whooping cough, and several respiratory infections, the most recent chest infection Im only just recovering from
Its been so bad that we pulled our son from school and told the school that he wont be back til next year!