for those who don't know me. here is a little about myself and my family.
we have 2 beautiful little boys and one on the way... ( due on the 8th of feb.. not sure if this one will be a boy or a girl.) our sons are Maximus 3years ( 4 in feb) and Alexander 2.5 years.
Maximus has just been given approval for an assistance dog.... so happy, it was actually a dr who suggested we apply for one ( which kind of came as a shock but i looked into it and can see why.)
Maximus self harms, he is an escape artist, he is a runner and has no sense of safety, and altho he is verbal he has limited speech (some days none) and mostly echoilia.
the hard part about getting this assistance dog is we need to raise $13,000 of the $25,000 it costs. (we are going through smart pups here in qld)
anyway i am not going to ask you to donate (altho that would be wonderful) but i wanted to share the page we have just made in an attempt to start fundraising as of next year, and raise awareness for Autism and these special dogs. our page will follow our fundraising events (we have a few in the pipeline.. none we are ready to launch yet) and also talk about our boy, our lives, and autism. your more then welcome to come join this page.. or just ignore if you wish, share with your friends and family. and by all means if you have any wonderful fundraising ideas share them with us. our goal is to raise more then we need so we can donate back tho this wonderful organisation for other family's like ours. there will be more then one way to donate ( one of the ways will be directly on smartpups website through them directly just using our sons name as a reference for those who would rather that way. here is the link to his page for those of you on Facebook. we could use all the help and publicity you can give us. thank you for reading this far.. more info
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