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    Default Week 6 Official Zumba Questions - Blog 60

    Which DVD is becoming your favourite and why?

    Easiest question yet! Exhilarate is, hands down, my favourite DVD. I feel so funky and cool when I do it and on average I burn 600 calories doing it. Melissa’s abs are amazing and, of course, so are Beto’s. The first three songs kill me, then I get a bit of a cool down until Tango is finished (which I love so much, I make sure I bring the passion to the movements in that one!) then some of my favourite songs on any of the DVDs end out the workout. One of my favourite movements of all is in the Cumbia when we do the sleepy leg after the freestyle, I get right into it!

    Do you notice any emotional benefits taking place? Confidence? Happiness?

    Massive emotional benefits. Since I let go of the baby dream, I’m a lot happier. Trying to control something that is pretty much out of my control has been driving me insane and I just wanted to get pregnant again so, so badly that it was all I could think about which meant that when I didn’t get a positive pregnancy test each month, I was truly devastated.

    It wasn’t until I started this challenge that I had something else to really focus on. It gave me new goals and while I can’t control whether or not I get pregnant, I can control my own actions. I can eat the right things, I can exercise every day. I have even let go of “micro-managing my weight loss”. I still wear my Bodybugg and track my calories but I know in myself that this new lifestyle means I will lose weight so there’s no need to jump on the scales every day for validation of that fact.

    Another big thing is that I’m learning to handle my emotions better. Getting upset isn’t a reason for me to go and eat crap anymore. If I was feeling upset or bored or angry or pretty much any of the range of negative emotions, I would eat my way through it. Saturdays were spent slobbed out on the couch eating crap and watching television or playing video games all day whereas now I’m getting out and doing things on the weekend.

    As for my confidence, it’s increasing each day. I looked in the mirror this morning and thought “wow, my face looks skinny!”. As you all know, I’ve started wearing dresses and skirts again and I’m beginning to feel more comfortable in my body.

    I don’t think I can express enough how grateful I am for being chosen to be a part of this challenge. Mentally and physically, it has made such a huge change on my life. There’s even an idea that I can’t get out of my head since a friend suggested it. I was telling some friends about how much I’m enjoying Zumba and how often I’m doing it and she suggested that I look into becoming a Zumba instructor. I’ve done some Googling and I honestly think I might pursue this next year. There doesn’t seem to be any courses in Perth but I doubt my BFF in Melbourne will mind if I have to travel over there for training. I’m considering doing that along with some kind of fitness certification. Teaching Zumba would be something I could do even after I’ve had kids (look at Gina!) so not only has this challenge made some huge changes on my life, it’s given me an entirely new goal to work towards which is something that I never expected.
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