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    Default How do you keep your outside dogs cool?

    Is your house raised? If so can they go under the house? Ours isn't but mum and dads dog used to love that.

    Our rottie in particular feels the heat, but she loves the clam shell. She will jump in and out all day. Is there dirt somewhere they can dig/lay on? A lot of dogs will keep themselves cool by digging down a little and lying in the hole, our girl does this also (she has her own part of the yard that she does it in).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zabella View Post
    Bunnies: 1.25 l bottles of water frozen for them to lay on or against if they are hot. Or a large bowl (like the bottom of a big flower pot bottom without a hole) filled with 1/2 bag ice and some water for them to drink/ lie in.
    Make sure there is plenty of shade and moving air.
    If it is really hot, I bring them in to the bathroom and set up a little box hutch, litter etc in the shower with the door closed, and the second in the bathroom or another area until it cools down later in the day.
    yeah were doing all that plus I put the sprinkler on their hutches during the day (sure hope were not in water restrictions), its just to much for some of them


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