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    Default 5 month old in Rhino hip cast

    Hi all

    Hoping someone can help us out...

    Our 5 month old has just had to go into a rhino hip brace... he's been monitored since birth for Developmental hip dysplasia and earlier this week we were given the option to wait another 6 weeks and see if there is imporvement or go into the brace.

    We opted for the brace as would rather be proactive and the improvement seemed to slow considerably from the last ultrasound..

    Our issue is that for the past two nights he now wakes every 30-40 mins and wants to be rocked back to sleep.

    He has never been a fantastic self settler but was sleeping up to 7hrs in a block at night (well until a week before the brace and then went to 2-3hrs)... either way i'd be happy with some sort of improvement on the 30-40min wake ups..

    Is there anything that anyone can suggest to help him be more comfortable at night? Or do we just ride out the storm?

    I'm also a little worried about always picking him up because i don't want to instill a new ritual but at the same time i'm worried about how he's feeling (probably confused) as to why he is all of a sudden restricted??

    Any ideas/thoughts are greatly appreciated!


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    Default 5 month old in Rhino hip cast

    My daughter wore a brace for hip dysplasia and it initially upset her sleeping. I think that it took maybe 3-4 days for her to get used to it and then she couldn't sleep without it! DD was a lot younger (5 weeks) when she went into the brace so it might take your LO a bit longer. I would say try and ride it out and give them a chance to get used to the brace.
    Good luck

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