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    I felt the same way when DD was born, I was ready to go again straight away. 8 months later (I'm still keen) but I'm glad breastfeeding is giving me some time to enjoy DD.
    A family friend has 2 DDs they are (barely) 11 months apart, apparently she fell pregnant first go 4 weeks after giving birth... looking at their situation is a little sad because they treat them like twins but they are not! and then there's the developmental issue when the older one will want to do what the smaller one does so she's basically a year behind...
    Anyway I just think you should give it sometime a couple of months at least and see how you feel about it...

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    Gawd, you're brave OP!! There's 31m (or about 2.5yrs) difference between my two and it's great now, but it was really hard when Baby #2 came along. My eldest (DD) used to whack her baby brother on the head for the first few weeks of his life, poor little guy - she used to take out her anger on him. And she started having the most AWFUL tantrums, toilet training accidents (whereas before DS was born she hardly had any), became really clingy towards me and she started waking up several times during the night for reassurance from me (but not from Daddy).

    It took a good few months for her to settle down after her little brother arrived but she's wonderful now. I guess it's obvious - her entire world was turned upside down and she was no longer the sole recipient of Mummy & Daddy's attention - but she eventually must've worked out that we still love her just as much. Now she's my little helper when it comes to looking after DS and I just love watching them play together - the love between them is so clear and wonderful to behold. Warms me cockles, it does! But that said, my baby growing machine is CLOSED FOR BUSINESS - two's enough for me!

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    Default baby number 2 -how close is to close-

    Quote Originally Posted by summastarlet View Post
    There will be a 16 month gap between DS and new bub. I always thought I would like a close age gap, but didn't think I would get that as DS was an IVF. However I fell pregnant naturally with #2 which was a big surprise but one we are very happy about. Took the decision out of our hands as to when to go back for another round of IVF!

    I'm a little nervous about the close gap and having 2 under 2 but I'm sure I will adjust!
    This is almost me exactly! DS will be 18mths when bub2 arrives in March. Completely unplanned that fast as DS1 was IVF too - so I'm sh*t scared!

    OP I was like you at the start with DS1 - I seemed to cope pretty well straight away with lack of sleep, I had exactly what I wanted etc I wanted another straight away.

    Fast forward to when I found out I was pregnant and he was only 9mths old, crawling and getting in to everything....and I'm freaked right out at the prospect of 2 under 2!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MinkyJ View Post
    There's no physical reason you can't have bubs close together unless you have a medical condition I guess or some issue in your first birth/pregnancy. But it's hard when kids are young. Though all gaps are hard. I'm due in January and given my age (38) will immediately commence trying again. I don't normally fall easy though.
    I think that could deend maybe how many you have. I had a friend that had 5 kids ages 5 and down with no twins and the doctor told her should could not have anymore without really damaging herself as her uterus was worn out

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    It's very common to be clucky for the first few months after giving birth. It must be all the hormones. You need 18 months between pregnancies for the depletion of your body from the first pregnancy not to have any deleterious effects on the second baby, but 6 months between pregnancies is enough to reduce most of the risks (google if interested - there is lots of info on this). Many women have their breastmilk dry up when pregnant so you also have to consider whether you would be willing to sacrifice breastfeeding your baby by getting pregnant again. Personally, I wanted a small age gap but breastfeeding is really important to me so I've held off until now when my DD is nearly two. I'm so glad I have as I would have missed out on so much with her by rushing things


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