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    Exclamation Progynova FET protocol but I have endo??? Advice please!!!

    Hi All
    I will be doing a FET around Christmas time (whenever AF shows) and I went in to see my FS today to get my protocol.
    It is pretty simple, just start 2mg progynova on day 1 and increase by 2mg every 4 days until day 12 scan.

    I did some research on progynova when I got home and learnt that it is basically just pure oestrogen.

    I am freaking out because I have endo (which my FS diagnosed earlier this year after I had done two fresh IVF cycles,both resulting in miscarriage), and my understanding is that estrogen is what causes endo to grow. so why would he put me on a drug that will just cause my endo to grow back faster?!?! Isnt this going to prevent me getting a BFP?

    I am yet to do a transfer since my lap surgery in July and am so worried that the surgery will have just been a complete waste of time...

    Has anyone else been on progynova for a FET and had success? Anyone with endo?

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    Hi bub4mepls

    I also have severe endo (removed last November) and am doing a FET cycle with HRT this round. I am on 2mg progynova 4 times a day. My understanding (please anyone correct me if I'm wrong) - the progynova that you will be taking is just mimicking a 'normal cycle' anyway. So regardless if you take
    progynova or not, your body needs estrogen to develop the lining each month - this way is just a more controlled way to do it - you are artificially supplying the estrogen rather than your body making it. (hope that makes some sort of sense).

    Also, your estrogen levels would most likely have been a lot higher in your fresh cycles then what they will get to in a FET cycle (even on progynova) as you aren't growing all those eggies.

    I think a lot of IVF drugs would make the endo grow back quicker - the best thing is to get pregnant ASAP (easier said then done!).

    I would ring your clinic to ease you mind though if you are stressing out hope I helped somewhat and best of luck for your FET!
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    Hi KellBell,
    Thank you so much for your response. It makes me breath a lot easier knowing that I am not the only endo patient on this sort of protocol!
    Obviously my FS knows what he is doing but I do worry....I have a feeling that the endo may have caused my miscarriages and I couldnt bear to go through it all a third time.

    Good luck with your FET, I hope we both get sticky BFPs this time round!!!!


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