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    Default Week 6: Checking in

    Start weight: 155.3
    Previous weight: 148.6
    Current Weight: 147.7
    Current BMI: 41.7
    Hips: 143cm
    Waist: 118cm
    Chest: 128cm
    Arm (L): 3cm
    Thigh (L): 75cm
    Start cms: 545cm
    Previous cms: 513cm
    Total cms: 507cm

    Another 6cms gone. I am surprised at only 900g weight loss though, considering how few calories i was eating while doing my one-week detox.

    Maybe my body figured it out and held onto everything and now that my calories go back up slightly this week the weigh loss will follow? Such a fine balance. Anyone that tries to tell you weight loss is a simple calories-in vs calories-out equation obviously hasn't met me! Vent over.

    I am still loving my Zumba, I am aiming for 6 days a week and there has only been one "missed" workout on top of that. Sometimes i had to do Rush instead of one of the longer workouts (DS sleep routine still a bit wacky) but by incorporating the Toning Sticks i can still get an awesome sweat up.

    It is awesome how far the news has spread within my family & friends of what i am doing. I cant go anywhere without someone asking me how my "Zumba thing" is going. Its great, it keeps me accountable and i get to share the excitement with so many people. Now i just need to convince more of them to do it with me! I still have my three regulars on tuesday nights and two more on saturdays and my sister has decided to get the DVDs so that she can do more Zumba at her house and invite some of her friends over!

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    Default Week 6: Checking in

    I have given up on trying to figure out the "formula" for weight loss! I'm definitely not losing as much as I was to begin with but I just figure if I keep eating healthy and exercising the weight has to come off...even if it's not as fast as I would like it to!

    Keep up the amazing work, purple!

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    900gm is still a great loss for a week. I don't think there is a formula that works for everyone all the time. It is such a complex thing, calories in vs calories out is just a part of it.


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