Official Questions for week 5, here they are!

Have you tried the ‘Feel it’ setting yet – where you turn of the verbal cues and just listen to the music? – what did you think?

No, I definitely love being told what to do!! Although I have done it on my iPod whilst on camp last week- it was a bit odd trying to throw moves together but is a good solution when on the move.

What do you think of the Zumba Toning Sticks and the workouts using the sticks on the ‘Ripped’ DVD?

I love love love the sticks! I ant use them for a whole workout, but I can definitely feel them work! And ripped just kills me lol- its not my fav but I do it when I know I need a push!

Do you find the Rush DVD good for a quick 20min workout?
I could gush about rush! It's my fav, I love the girls, I live the music and for my insanely busy schedule at the moment, it's a great quick fix. And- you can still feel the burn, even after only 20 minutes!