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    Default single mum in need of lots of advice....

    Quote Originally Posted by Lovemyfam View Post
    But he would essentially be paying maybe the account idea is better then the money is still coming and its there to use. Lets not assume that he is going to hold anything over her head, it seems that they have a healthy relationship now. My suggestion to get CSA out is because they can and do make mistakes there is no reason to have them involved if you can work it out on your own. They can always change it if he becomes abusive etc. You can go from private to collect at any time. He will still have to file taxes etc and they can step up to help when they are needed. Like i said just a suggestion and what I would do if faced with the same situation.
    Child support doesn't seem to be the issue though. He's already paying it, as the total nights he sees the child aren't really changing, he'd pay the same amount, or less if mums income goes up significantly. What you suggest doesn't seem necessary- if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjpbd View Post
    As bad as this sounds, due to there being no legal agreement ib place, you as primary carer can take her, he would have to go to court to get to see her, not that im saying you should do that, also id definetly go througj child support not just a private agreement, he left and didnt see her before, whats to say he wont do that again, you need to do wahats best for you and your daughter, dont let his feelings cloud your judgment on whats best, by the sounds of it he knows how to manipulate you and will end up getting what he wants
    seeing as she is almost at school age, it might be an idea instead of fortnighly visits, she saus with him half the school holidays,

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    Actually that's not accurate, even if i do move (whether i tell him or not) and he doesn't agree, He can get an emergency recovery order - and i will be forced back to the state, which will put me in a much worse place than i am currently. I simply can't afford for that to happen.
    Also that's what my proposed idea will be, Ive got an appointment on Friday with women's aid here for a free legal consult so we shall see how that goes...
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    Default Re: single mum in need of lots of advice....

    I have a friend who didnt have anything legal in place her ex took the kids to coffs harbour (from singleton) she had to go up there and go through court to get her kids back, thankfully he got drunk the night before the court date and smashed into a telegraph pole, so it worked wellin her favour

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    Hope it all goes well this weekend!


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