At 9.5 months I would still be offering bottle first - i just checked my baby connect (app that you add what baby eats/drinks) and at 9 months he was having approx 600 ml per day , at that age I think DS routine was;

8am - wake and 200ml bottle
9am - breakfast
11am - 100ml bottle and quick nap
12.30pm - lunch
2pm - 100ml - long nap
4.30pm - snack
6.30pm - dinner
8pm - bottle 200ml - bed

At about 10-11months I started offering breakfast first , then he naturally drank less as he was full, then he dropped his mid morning bottle and by 1 he was just having mid afternoon and night , he dropped mid afternoon about 18 months and just had a small amount at night which was more a habit than hunger!