I've been using the Feel it mode since the first week, but now find myself dancing along without much need to even view the screen and I also now have the freedom to really add my own flavour and extra oomph which does result in a better workout.

I've found the Zumba toning sticks to be a great tool to help me during my workouts. I have actually cheated a bit and sometimes use the sticks during my other workouts, especially the first three tracks of the Activate DVD. I've found now that I am getting stronger, using them during the Activate DVD just steps it up one level harder for me. The other thing I love about them is the rattling. While this could be perceived as annoying (just ask Mr. Lovegood what he thinks of them ), I like the rattling...it distracts me from the burn of my muscles and I strive to keep in rhythm so there is no slowing down for me.

The Ripped DVD is awesome! If you haven't gathered by this point, I LOVE the feeling of my muscles burning- it actually feels like I am achieving something...it's something I never even imagined I would strive to feel everyday.

I must admit- the Rush DVD is neglected and I have only done it a handful of times. It's my least favourite. I don't enjoy the routine, and don't feel like I am getting enough out of it- but once again, what I am looking for at the moment is the workouts to really push myself. I find that I would rather get up at 5am to fit in an hour workout that really pushes me than just squish in a 20 minute workout. This is another thing I never imagined- choosing a longer workout, than a fast one...is it too soon to say I'm losing my laziness???